New Build

From top to bottom remodels to one room makeovers, we can help make your space feel beautiful. Our remodel service will help you see the potential in any house regardless of age or layout. We love challenges! 

Bring on the load baring walls, concrete floors joists or even historical restoration - we have seen it all and loved every minute of these types of projects. We can make this process fun and enjoyable; let us help transform your space into what many believe to be impossible!




Good design is based on so much more than paint colors, furniture selections or even window treatments. The foundation is set in the beginning stages where major decisions like where the home will be located and what direction it will face are established. 

The beauty of working with Studio Onyx is that we have general contracting in our background which allows us to assist with every part of your new home build. From meeting with the trades to establishing lighting layouts and built-ins to designing the general feel of the home through color palettes and accents, we can do it all!

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