The Building Process: When to Involve a Designer

The simple answer to this question is as early as possible. We are currently working on a couple of new builds and have been involved since the very beginning of these projects. It’s made the transition from perception to reality that much smoother and here are a few reasons why…

First and foremost, designers are about so much more than just making your space look pretty. It’s true, good designers are looking at aesthetics, but they are also looking at how design meets function. They are thinking about how pretty beams would be across your ceiling, but are also thinking how that impacts the ceiling height and cabinetry. Good designers are strategically thinking about lighting because they are thinking about where your bed will go and which way it will face which impacts where sconce lights could/should be hung. Designers are constantly thinking about how design meets function and what that will look like in the end.

Secondly, and no less important, is designers are looking at overall feel. They are going to ensure that the exterior flows into the interior so that it doesn’t look like two completely different homes. They are concerned with color schemes and textures and how those are displayed both inside and out.

Last (at least for the major points), good designers are going to get you thinking. That’s their job! We are going to throw out ideas that maybe you never thought of or entertained before. We are going to make you question some of the things you thought were set in stone. This is how truly special spaces are born - bouncing ideas off one another to come up with the best solution.

Think about it this way, do you want to control how your home can be utilized or do you want the way the house is built to control that? By involving a designer they are ensuring that you are in control of how your space will be used. Ultimately the perfect scenario for any new build is to have an experienced architect, awesome designers, a great contractor, and open minded clients. This is the perfect scenario every time. What are your thoughts? Have you used a designer and if so, how was it? Tell us in the comments below!