Pro Tip: How to Create the Perfect Bedroom

Happy Sunday SO fam! Today we are talking all about bedroom furniture and how to tie it all together. One of the biggest hurdles we have to face when designing a remodel or even in a new build is existing furniture. Sometimes there are special pieces that the homeowner wants to keep and we need to design around those and make sure that they fit within the new space. This can be challenging, but is actually quite fun.

We also have to contend with furniture sets…ugh. It’s natural for people to go into a store or go online and find a whole dining or bedroom set and use that in their home. What’s the problem? It all matches, you say. Well that right there is the problem; it all matches! There is nothing custom about it - so that’s where we come in! Today we are going to focus on the bedroom and how to work around bedroom sets to make a whole new custom space that feels good. Typically when we have to work around a bedroom set we work around the bed since that is the most expensive piece, so today we put together two versions of the same bedroom. One with all of the same furniture pieces from a set and the other with a mix.

Bedroom Board.jpg

In the first example, all of the furniture blends together. Nothing really sticks out or catches your eye. In the second we have blended texture and color and styles to create something a little more “special”. When working around a furniture set we look at colors and style to determine where we go next. In this case, the bed was a pretty natural wood and so we didn’t want to carry that in all of the furniture pieces, so right away we were looking for something painted or solid in color. This could be painted wood or something metal - just staying away from wood tones. Not to say you couldn’t select a wood accent in the dresser or the nightstands, we would just suggest staying away from the same exact wood tone.

It is helpful to start accessorizing the bed to get the direction you are wanting to go in, in terms of color and style. So we started with a rug and from there determined the color palette we were working with. That then lead to finding these awesome painted nightstands that tied in the bluish/greenish color from the rug. The bed and the nightstands have more “fluid” legs and more of a romantic vibe, so we wanted to balance that out with a more modern dresser. Black is a great neutral that can really round out a space, so when we found this dresser in black we added some black velvet pillows to pull it all together.

If anything we hope that this post inspires you to play! Play around with texture and color to create your space and make it feel well thought out. Detail is key!