Cabinet Essentials: What Should Every Kitchen Have

They say the areas in your home that hold the most value are kitchens and baths, but they can sometimes be the hardest rooms to navigate. Since we own our own custom cabinet line and do all of our cabinet designs in house, we are well versed in the essentials that all of these spaces need - especially the kitchen. Follow along to see our cabinet essentials!

Laundry sink with drying rack and brass hardware
Kitchen cabinets with cutting board and marble backsplash

First and foremost - spend the time! Hire someone who knows and understands your style. They need to be willing to listen to what you need, but you also need to be prepared with what those needs are. Where would you prefer your silverware? Are there things in your current kitchen that you can’t stand or wish were different? Where are the dreaded Tupperware lids going to end up? All of these things need to be taken into consideration. So take the time to think about what it is you need and want and then find someone that can help you build on those needs.

2. Charging drawers with outlets and USB ports. These are hidden, but available for you or your guests to use when needed.

Kitchen cabinets with built in charging station

3. Two pull out trashes - one by the sink and one by the chopping/prep area. This is pretty self explanatory, but essentially no-one wants to be dripping/dropping stuff all over the floor walking to the trash. Having two in the kitchen allows for less mess.

4. One large deep sink. Just think of those large pasta pots and clunky pans. A single large sink can accommodate that and more.

Large single bowl marble sink
Large single farmhouse sink

5. Flush toe kick! This is a so much cleaner look and no one wants to clean under the cabinets. It’s honestly just an extra area for nasties like dust and dirt to collect. Granted there are some exceptions for areas that like under a sink or some other areas where you would be leaning on the counter, but generally speaking go with the flush toe kick.

6. An instant hot water faucet and filter faucet are also a must. Just think, those big beautiful refrigerators like Sub Zero don’t (typically) have filtered water on the doors (it honestly provides a cleaner look). Instead of having to constantly fill up a Brita, you can easily get your filtered water on the counter. It’s easy for your guests and just looks so much better.

7. Metal strip on trash which helps with general ware and tare.

8. Full extension - soft close dovetail drawers. This comes standard on all of the designs we do, we don’t even give an option for anything else.

9. Place to hide countertop appliances. We like clean and nearly empty countertops free from most appliances. It looks so much less cluttered when things can be tucked away. We many times hide these things in a wall cabinet that goes to the countertop or in a pantry. If you do decide to use the pantry to hide your appliances then just make sure they are waist high, so you don’t have to bend over to reach the 20lb mixer.

Kitchen cabinets in revere pewter
Kitchen cabinets in revere pewter

10. Drawer dividers/knife blocks/spice drawers/roll out shelves

Kitchen cabinets with brass hardware

11. Dividers in a drawer down low for smaller cutting boards and tray dividers up high above a wall oven or refrigerator. This utilizes the deep cabinet while keeping trays from getting damaged. Most likely you won’t need a step stool to reach them all.

Kitchen cabinets in revere pewter and drawer organization
Refrigerator and cabinet organization

12. Butcher block cutting boards and trays for serving. So handy!

Kitchen cabinets with built in cutting boards

13. Faucets and cabinets that operate with touch technology - keeps things much cleaner.

14. Lastly, do something unique! Double islands if you have the space or some sort of detail that adds that extra umph.

Double island kitchen
Unique island in white kitchen
Double island kitchen