Mixing Metals

There are plenty of things in life that just don’t mix. Oil and water, OJ and toothpaste, Kanye and Taylor Swift…but mixing metal finishes is not one of them! We have this conversation with our clients a lot because the general rule of thumb used to be that all metal in your home should match. All brass, all nickel, all oil rubbed bronze etc…with little to no variation. We are here to say, throw that notion away as far as you can. Metals are considered neutral - its like white and black - they go with anything (with a few exceptions of course). Generally speaking there is a rhyme and some reason to mixing metals, but the basic idea is that it can and should be done.

Chrome and brass hardware in kitchen
Chrome and matte black hardware in kitchen
Chrome and brass hardware in master bathroom
Brushed nickel and matte black hardware in master bathroom

In all of these photos we have mixed metals - chrome and brass, black and nickel etc…it actually elevates the space and creates a bit of interest.

Brass hardware and cabinets painted in Pigeon by Farrow and Ball

If your nervous about mixing metals, start with something simple like staying in the same finish family. For instance, choose brass and add different variations of that same finish. The above photo has true brass knobs with more of a brushed brass finish on the faucet and drying rack. Same finish family just different variations of it.