Finding Your Style

Fireplace mantle with eclectic vases

How do you find your style? How do you determine what that is and how to blend it seamlessly from room to room in your home? These are questions many people ask when they are designing their space. Many of us create Pinterest boards full of things we think are attractive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everything we like follows the same style. We may love a beautiful kitchen from a home in California where the style is modern and open and we may also like a mountain home kitchen with warm colors and rustic finishes.

How can we tell what our truly style is?

1.     Start over

Create new Pinterest boards that are dedicated to your project and dedicate each room that you are working on to a board.

2.     Selective Pinning

Only Pin those images that truly catch your eye and resemble something doable for the area (and budget) that you live in. This means that even though you love that open modern kitchen from California, you may not be able to adopt all of the features that they have. Once you start pinning with a goal in mind you will start to see a theme play out. This may be color, textures, patterns and within all of that is your style.

3.     Analyze what you have pinned

Pick out those common themes and write them down. If every kitchen you are pinning has cool Moroccan tile as the backsplash then that is probably part of your style. Maybe the color palette you seem to be leaning towards are cool grays and whites. Or you can’t stop pinning fireplaces with exposed brick. Whatever those things may be, write them down!

4.     Go over your list

From your list you can start writing down words that describe the things you are seeing. This is where you can truly narrow down your personal style and can help you determine what to look for when shopping at Homegoods or planning your shower tile.

Keep in mind, this isn’t the only way to determine your style and you certainly don’t need a Pinterest account to accomplish this. The most important takeaway here is to find the commonalities in the things you like because that is where the foundation of your style lies.