Curb Appeal: Our favorite front door colors

Front door paint guide

As we continue to design new spaces and remodel homes, we are always amazed at how sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference in the vibes of a space. From lighting to just adding some texture with throw pillows, there are always small things you can do to help transform your space without having to undertake a massive project!

Just like a fresh coat of paint can drastically change your living room, so can changing the paint color of your front door to the exterior of your home. It can brighten up a dark outdated facade or it can add some dimension and interest to a monochromatic exterior. 

Understanding the paint you are choosing is a big piece to your projects success! So utilize your local paint professionals to help you decide what type of paint to use and what will work best with your climate and weather conditions. Further, get samples! You may love the paint you see on a front door on Pinterest, but there are so many factors that go into making that color look the way it does.

Paint can look different because it was altered in programs like Photoshop, the hue of your computer screen can throw it off, or it can also look different because of the undertones in the paint. If your exterior is blue and the pretty gray color you picked out for your front door has subtle blue undertones, then your front door will probably pull more blue than gray. Soooo, get samples! Test it and make sure the color you have selected works with your home.