At Studio Onyx we offer numerous services from top to bottom home renovations to new builds to one-room remodels. Another service we offer, is our e-design service! This is perfect for those who want the SO look, but possibly don’t live in the areas we currently service. This can also be a great option for those who don’t necessarily mind doing the install and leg work themselves.

When you choose our e-design service you get phone consultations, full design board(s), revision(s), and complete material list all for a flat rate. We collect a lot of information from you including measurements, Pinterest boards, and lifestyle information to name a few. All of this helps us produce the best design that will work for you and your family both in terms of style and functionality.

We have done one-room e-designs as well as multiple rooms for clients. Take a look at one e-design client that requested our services for multiple rooms for their home renovation!

Stay tuned for the end result!