Clutter. This is something that can take over our lives whether we like it or not. Counter tops have turned into a catch-all for mail and other odds and ends. There are many reasons why our bathrooms and kitchens become messy and unorganized, but there are some small things that we can do to try and prevent the clutter from even starting!

1.     One of the biggest issues a lot of us have is that we go out shopping and see something that we think is cute and would go with our décor, but we really have no real plan as to where it will go in our home and how it will fit the space. Further, many times we don’t actually have the space for the item, so it ends up on a shelf or on the counter where you really didn’t need anything in the first place (deep breath)!

Sooo, with all of that being said, think before you buy. Go in with a plan! Don’t just buy for the sake of buying. This is where clutter starts!

2.     If you’re like most humans walking into Homegoods (and stores the like), you know you are going to come out with a cart full instead of the one item you were going there for to begin with. Try grabbing a handbasket or the small cart instead of the big one right away. OR, if you really are going in there for one item, don’t even grab a basket or cart at all. You’ll be less likely to grab things if they don’t easily fit in your arms or the small basket you are carrying.

**Side note: we understand that this, in large part, is wishful thinking. There have been many times that we have tried this and have ran back up to the front to grab a cart, so we can unload all of the stuff in our arms. It’s the thought and intent that counts!

3.     Lastly, invest in organizational items. Places like Homegoods and The Container Store are awesome places to find attractive, yet functional organizational items to keep the clutter under control. If you start off with organizational tools, you will be more apt to stay organize.  

We are obviously designers, not organizational experts. These are just some things that we have run across, especially when we go to design a space or purchase product for a home. Make a plan and you will have a fighting chance to keep the clutter at bay!